What does it mean to be gentle with ourselves?

In a world that is highly fast paced with so many opportunities for self judgment, and harshness- learning to be gentle with ourselves is a radical act of self love and rebellion. 

The society we live in is not designed for gentleness. Our society is designed to constantly push us to do more, give more, and be more. This pressure can feel absolutely crushing, and we may suffer huge blows to our self-worth when we feel incapable of meeting the unrealistic demands on our productivity. We are taught how to be hard on ourselves, and how to push beyond what we feel our natural limits are. We are not taught how to be gentle and slow with ourselves, or how to cultivate self compassion in the face of the challenges our society presents to us. 

So, this begs the question:

What does it mean to be gentle with ourselves?Being gentle with ourselves means leaving space for compassion, patience, and support. The intention of leading in gentleness creates the space for our needs to be honored and nurtured. Embodying gentleness allows our hearts to soften, which tells us that we are enough, and that what we are doing is enough. 

Beginning to treat yourself more gently may prove challenging at first, but begin by ask yourself these questions: 

“What moments throughout my day could benefit from inviting in the quality of gentleness?”

“What helps me to feel supported, nourished, and honored? How can I incorporate this into my day?”

Part of allowing ourselves to be treated gently means upholding boundaries that protect us from situations or people who do not treat us gently. It is okay to stand up for your softness, and to demand that your energy is protected. Treat yourself gently because you are deserving of this. It is okay to have needs, it is okay to go slowly. 

Always remember: You are enough.