Create A Vision Board to Manifest Your Dreams

Is your heart full of new and beautiful dreams for the year 2023? Are you ready to align with the vision of your dreams?

If the answer is yes, then you are ready to create your very own 2023 Vision Board. A vision board is a collection of images, symbols, words, and phrases that represents a vision you have for a goal, dream, or your life in general. Vision boards are designed to spark inspiration, motivation, and belief in your dreams so that you can bring them into your reality. Vision boards help us keep our eyes on what we are working towards in order to achieve our dreams. 

Read on to explore how you can create your very own vision board for the year 2023: 

  1. DREAM. To begin creating your vision board, the first step is to dream. Ask yourself: what are my current goals, ambitions, desires, and wishes for this year? Allow yourself to imagine new experiences, situations, and changes that you want to call in. Let yourself visualize what these things will look like when they are present in your life. Jot down words, phrases, or symbols that represent some of these goals or dreams to you, and identify images or other visuals that could represent these dreams on your vision board. 
  2. CREATE. Now that you are clear on what you want your vision board to have- it’s time to get crafty and begin putting your board together. I recommend using a large piece of cardboard or stock paper. Print or cut out all the relevant images, symbols, words, or phrases that you plan on using. Markers may also be a useful tool to write in any specific details you might like to add. Begin pasting your various visions on the board in whatever way sparks creativity. Enjoy the process of your dreams becoming clearer and clearer on your board. 
  3. EMBRACE. Once you have completed your full vision board, it’s time to hang it or place it somewhere you will regularly see it. Consistently interacting with your vision board is key to getting the most benefit and inspiration out of it. You want to be faced with your vision daily, so that you feel constantly inspired to take small steps towards your dreams and goals. Regularly visualizing and getting excited about what you are manifesting will also help to powerfully magnetize these accomplishments and experiences into your life. Embrace what you have created and set your sights towards a bright and beautiful future! 

Your vision board will help you to create and live the life of your dreams. Enjoy the journey of creating this powerful project and trust that each day, you are closer to living your vision!