Grounding With the Earth for Deep Healing

Taking time to connect with the Earth can offer many benefits. Not only does nature help us to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and restore our  nervous systems- it also reconnects us to our roots, because we are part of the Earth. Though we may forget the ways in which we are intimately linked to Mother Earth, we still are. When we lack nature in our lives, we may start to experience some negative side effects. We may have greater trouble with sleep, stress levels, and our health. We are designed to live in connection with nature, because we are nature

It is incredibly valuable to take time to regularly engage in grounding practices. Grounding practices help restore present moment awareness, reconnects us to our roots, and helps us to feel stable, secure, and soothed. 

Read on to explore one of my favorite Grounding Meditation Techniques:

Begin this meditation by finding a comfortable and safe place to practice outside. If you are unable to go outside, then this can also be done using visualization techniques wherever you are. 

Stand outside on the Earth in bare feet, lengthen your spine upwards, and relax your shoulders. If the sun is shining, take a moment to let its warmth spill over your skin, basking in the light of its healing nourishment. Begin to breathe deeply, feeling fully present in the place where you are. Notice what sounds you hear, and what you feel in your body. 

Now begin to imagine a cord of light that travels down the full length of your spine and extends deeply down into the core of the Earth. These are your roots. Once you feel your roots connected to the Heart of Mother Earth, you can begin to invite the flow of light, energy, and nourishment to flow from the core of the Earth, up your roots, and into your body. Rest with this visualization for as long as it feels good for you. See yourself filling up with this healing, light energy.

When you are ready to release this practice, make sure to thank Mother Earth for her nurturing. Visualize yourself calling back your roots, and becoming whole once more. 

Enjoy the grounding benefits from this meditation and repeat as often as you’d like!