Use the power of water to manifest anything

Water is a magical and powerful substance. It is one of the best ways to transmit energy and information inside of us. Water holds wisdom, and believe it or not- the molecular structure of water is capable of changing depending on its energetic environment. This makes water an extremely valuable and powerful tool for manifesting. Everything in our world is made up of energy, and we are capable of manipulating our reality using our thoughts, beliefs, and personal vibration. 

We can combine this power with the energy of water to create and draw in anything we desire to experience in our reality. 

Read on to explore how you can manifest anything using the ‘Labeled Water’ Technique:

  1. Begin by choosing something you wish to manifest. For this technique, focusing on a feeling that you’d like to experience works best. For example, you can use ‘love’, ‘strength’, ‘abundance,’ or anything else that resonates with what you desire. 
  2. Choose a glass jar or water bottle where you can place your affirmation or label. This step is important, because placing the label on your water symbolizes the intention that you have set and wish to call in. 
  3. Drink the water, focus on your intention each time you do, and know that you are energetically, physically, and emotionally embodying that which  you wish you create in your world. This works because you are setting the intention to program your water to match with the same frequency of your intention. This means that with each sip, you raise your vibe to that of your desire. 

Give this simple and fun technique a try, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Remember, you are so powerful, and you can create anything you dream of.