3 'unplugged' activities to soothe your nervous system

3 unplugged activities to soothe your nervous system 
We spend so much of our lives plugged in to tech. Most of us have social media, televisions, and computers that play a daily role in our lives. 
We are so used to this high-tech world that we forget how important it can be to step away and truly unplug. In fact, some of us may be so used to unwinding and relaxing in tech-driven ways, that unplugged leisure time escapes us completely. 
It is necessary for our  nervous systems to have space to ground- away from distractions, technology, and social media. Carve out time at least once a week to engage in one of these unplugged activities, or create your own! 
-Get your walking shoes on and set out for a mindful walk around your neighborhood (or nature if available!) As you walk, check in with each of your five senses. What colors and sights do you see? Any smells? What does the world sound like around you? How does the weather feel? Can you taste anything? Simply enjoy being present in the fresh air.
-Create time for community connection. Make plans with friends, family, pets, and loved ones. Set an intention to enjoy quality connection, sans phones and netflix. Enjoy a picnic, a coffee date, or simply a long chat. Enjoy getting to spend precious time face to face with the ones who mean the most.
-Get artsy. Put the tech away for half an hour and break out that adult (or kid) coloring book! If coloring isn’t your jam, draw, journal, paint, read, sing, bake, or anything else that feels fun and expressive. Release your inhibitions and allow yourself to fully engage in this hands-on, creative activity. The most important thing here is to remember that you do not have to be “good” at any of these activities. Let it be like art therapy, and embrace coloring outside the lines. 
It takes unplugging in order to truly reconnect- to yourself, and those around you. 
Enjoy building a diverse array of unplugged activities and feel free to share your ideas with us on social media!
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