Connect to Vitality with this Easy Radiant Sun Meditation Practice

The sun is a powerful source of healing and life force energy. It is the very thing that gives life to this planet, and to each of us. Therefore, it is vital for our mental, physical, and spiritual health that we take time daily to soak up the golden rays of the Sun. Just sitting in the sun for fifteen minutes a day can help to lower stress levels,  improve our mood, and expand our energy. Not only does sitting in the sun’s rays feel incredible, but it can offer us a path to powerful healing. 

Read on as I share my favorite sun soaking meditation that you can practice anytime, anywhere:

To practice this meditation all you need is a comfortable and safe place to sit or lie down in the sun. You can sit firmly on the Earth, or you can sit on a chair or bench. 

During this meditation, it is very important that you don’t actually look directly at the sun, but rather rest your gaze on a sunny spot of earth, or simply in the distance. 

Ensure that where you sit or lie, you can feel the sun’s rays on your body or face. 

Now, as you feel the warm sun shining down on you, begin to breathe deeply and slowly in and out. 

As you breathe in, visualize the golden rays of sun filling your body, and lighting you up from the inside out. This golden light is bringing healing, vitality, and energy into every cell of your being. 

As you breathe out, visualizing letting go of any negativity, or old, heavy energy. Think of the sun;s rays as helping to burn away and clear this negativity out. 

Continue this process for at least five minutes. Inhaling deeply as you feel the sun’s rays on you, and exhaling fully to find release and surrender. 

This meditation can be practiced for as long as you’d like, though remember to wear your SPF if you plan on a longer session in the sun. 

This practice is guaranteed to leave you feeling energized, vibrant, and full of warmth. 

Share this practice with a friend or loved one who you think could use it!