Morning Movement Medicine: Simple Sun Salutation Guide

One of the best ways to wake up is by moving our bodies. Doing this creates a flow of energy that supports vitality, mindfulness, and a positive mindset. Carving out time for a short morning movement session can help you to feel grounded and supported as you move through the rest of your day. A practice like this can also help relieve and prevent chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. 

Today I would like to share with you a short and sweet morning movement sequence to help you start your day with joy and health! 

Sun Salutation Morning Routine: 

Start by standing tall with your feet hip width apart and your shoulders back and down. You are standing in your mountain pose. Take a few moments to breathe deeply as you focus on feeling your feet firmly planted on the Earth. This is a grounding pose that reminds you of the strength available to you in moments of stillness, and helps to cultivate feelings of rooted presence. 

When you are ready, inhale by sweeping the arms up over head, and as you exhale, forward fold. 

On your next inhale, lift halfway to a flat back by sliding your palms up the front of your shins. Focus on creating length in the spine. 

On your next exhale, forward fold once again. 

From here, place both of your hands on the mat, and step both feet to the back of the mat. You are now in a high plank. 

Hold your high plank and focus on a flat, strong back as you breathe deeply here. Remain in a flat back for at least 3 breaths. 

From your high plank, lower down to your belly, and slide the forearms forward so that the elbows are under your shoulders. Lift your heart and allow plenty of space between your ears and shoulders. Rest here in your sphinx pose for a few breaths. 

When you’re ready to release, roll your heart back down to the mat, and push up to a table top position. Spread your palms wide and tuck your toes, push yourself up and back into Downward Facing Dog. 

Walk your feet towards the top of the mat and roll up to standing in your Mountain Pose. 

You have now completed your Sun Salutation! For best results, flow through this sequence at least 3 times. You are sure to feel enlivened and awakened for a successful day!

Mountain PoseForward FoldHalfway Lift