Starting your day with intention: Tea and Coffee Meditation

Starting the day with a steaming mug of tea or coffee has become a morning ritual for most of us. The experience of cupping a warm mug while the fragrant steam caresses your face with each sip is deeply comforting and feels nourishing to us. 

What if we could make this activity even more intentional? 

Starting our day with our favorite cup of tea or a hot coffee actually provides a beautiful opportunity for beginning our day intentionally, mindfully, and with gratitude. We can do this by using these moments as a time to reflect, meditate, and immerse ourselves in the joy of the present moment. 

Read on as I share a simple and powerful meditation for beginning your day mindfully with a warm drink 

First, begin by mindfully making your beverage. As you go about brewing your tea or grinding your coffee beans, use this as a moment to begin breathing deeply and focusing intently on each part of this process. Mindfully notice the smells and the sensations of this process and allow your breath to be your anchor to the here and now. 

Once you have your cuppa, find a comfortable seat and wrap both hands around your warm mug. Breath in the aromas wafting from the cup, and feel into the warmth emanating outwards into your palms. Focus on each of your senses in this moment and notice what they bring you. As you practice this while you breathe mindfully and sip slowly, embrace any and all emotions that may arise. Check in with how you are feeling in regards to the day ahead, and release any judgment around what comes up. 

Focus on taking life as it comes, just as you focus on taking one sip at a time. 

Keep breathing deeply as you enjoy your beverage, and give your body permission to continue relaxing. Soften your shoulders, your neck, the muscles in your face, and just do your best to allow this moment to be one of slow and easeful peace. 

When you finish your meditation, thank yourself for taking the time to create a powerful and intentional morning ritual, knowing that you will go forth into your day more mindfully and peacefully.