The Power of Community

As humans, we were meant for connection. We are born into this world open to love, sharing, and friendship. However, sometimes we lose our way and become isolated, socially anxious, and afraid to connect with others. We think that we aren't “good enough” for community, or that our authentic selves will be judged and rejected. These fears and feelings are natural, yet they can be really difficult to overcome. 

We can sometimes become so comfortable in our isolation that cultivating connection can be a huge challenge that lies far outside our comfort zone. 

As someone who has gone through this, I understand. I also think it is so important that we give ourselves the grace of moving back into connection and community at our own pace. 

We don’t have to jump out of our comfort zone, instead, we can take little baby steps towards the connections and relationships our heart has been yearning for. 

The first step to take when seeking deeper connection is to grant yourself the freedom to embrace your authenticity. Practice offering yourself kind words and loving thoughts in regards to the parts of you that are unique, special, and different. Realize that everyone feels a little weird when embracing their authentic self at first, but overtime you will begin to see the true beauty of you. Remember, who you are is enough and you do not need to change in order to be accepted, celebrated, and deeply loved. 

The next step to take on this journey is to search for groups, spaces, or special events in your area that resonate with you. Try looking for local creative or healing workshops, gardening groups, volunteer communities, and women’s/men’s groups. As you research spaces to integrate yourself into, notice which ones spark joy at the thought of experiencing them. Commit to choosing just one to go to at first, and hold yourself to showing up. 

The last step on this journey is to go! Be brave and give that art class or gardening group a try. No matter what, you’ll have taken steps to become part of a greater, like-minded community- and community helps us to heal. 

We all need to feel seen, loved, and supported. There is a community out there just waiting to welcome you in. 

Have courage, take your time, and share your authentic self with the world!