Finding Balance this season

Spring is upon us, and what a joy that is! Spring invites us to amp up our energy, embrace our creativity, and to take inspired action towards our dreams and desires. Spring is a time where we come out of a period of deep rest and introspection (winter), and though we are now opening up to this new chapter of life and new beginnings, it is so important that we remember to find balance here too. 

Rest is the key to balance, especially during times where we celebrate taking action and sharing ourselves and our gifts with the greater world at large. In our modern capitalist society, we are conditioned to believe that rest is shameful, lazy, unproductive, and not something of value. We are taught that we must only rest when we are absolutely burnt out, and can no longer manage offering from a long-empty cup.  Rest is the medicine behind every successful action oriented adventure. 

So, how can you begin to find a greater balance between giving and receiving? Action and rest? Outward expression and  inward connection? 

Read on to explore a few journal prompts designed to bring you back to balance, and home to your heart. 

Journal Prompts for Balance and Honoring our  need for rest:

  1. What is an area of your life that feels unbalanced right now? Why does it feel this way? How can you begin to rebalance this area of life for yourself? (i.e. rebalancing may look like setting new boundaries, lightening your load, delegating tasks, etc.)
  2. What is an area of your life that feels balanced (or closer to balanced) right now? Describe how this balance feels. Is it supportive? Flowing? 
  3. What does ‘burnout’ mean to you? What signs within yourself do you begin to notice when you are reaching burnout?
  4. What rest oriented activities feel most supportive and nourishing to you? How can you ensure to make time for them PRIOR to feeling the signs of burnout?  

Make sure to be gentle and patient with yourself as you go on this journey. When you notice an area of your life coming out of balance, do not fear. Instead, take a deep breath and come back to your heart center. Ask your heart “how can I honor our need for balance in this moment?” Time and time again, find the courage to lead from your heart-inspired wisdom and honor what arises.