The butterfly is one of the most powerful and symbolic images. When we see one floating on the breeze, its dazzling wings shimmering in the sunlight, we are immediately transfixed by the colorful radiance. 

As we know, butterflies were not born as these stunning and vivid creatures. They began humbly, as small, and seemingly insignificant caterpillars. These caterpillars will eventually go on to spend weeks in their cocoon, going through the most profound transformation of their lives. 

While we may wish to identify more with the effortless beauty of the butterfly, it serves us to remember that we too come from humble beginnings. We have more in common with the caterpillar than we might like to believe, and embracing this aspect of ourselves truly sets us up for powerful transformation. 


As humans, we are changing and shifting beings. It is our destiny to evolve, grow, and transform. Yet, the journey towards the other side is not necessarily always comfortable. In fact, discomfort is often the quickest route towards evolution. With this in mind, we can begin to see our difficulties and hardships from a new perspective. 

The challenges we face in life are honest opportunities for us to become stronger, and to learn about ourselves in a new way. It is important that we are tried and tested by the circumstances of our lives so that we can show ourselves how truly capable we are in the face of struggle or adversity. This is how we learn and grow. 

When a caterpillar begins their journey of cocooning, there is a transitional period of deep discomfort, and rearrangement; yet without this- they would never emerge as the butterfly. See both the caterpillar and the butterfly within yourself, and understand that discomfort is a gift that is guiding you towards greater alignment, joy, strength, and love. 

We have the gift of beginning again anytime we feel the need. As long as we are alive, we will have countless opportunities to cocoon. We can lean into discomfort when we feel stagnant or lost, and we can let that discomfort be our guiding light towards the other side of growth. Don’t allow fear to stop you from changing and evolving. Rather, welcome fear, and let it be the doorway that leads to something greater.

Be courageous, and trust in your metamorphosis. You will emerge with wings to fly.