Honoring Your Seasons

Just like the Earth, we too have cycles and seasons. Learning to understand and navigate our own seasons can help us to live a more balanced and peaceful life. Sometimes, our internal seasons align with the seasons of our Planet, but other times, our inner seasons can be less predictable than the outward transitions of the Earth. When this is the case, our inner seasons might become confusing, or leave us feeling disconnected and unsure of what we need.

In these moments, it is important to slow down and listen so that we can understand the most loving course of action for ourselves. Through taking time to connect with and understand our inner seasons, we are honoring our needs and dropping into trust with where we are on our journeys.

As we hold space for ourselves to tune in to whatever season we are experiencing, we will begin to understand ourselves more deeply, and through that understanding, we will learn how to care for ourselves within these different cycles of life.

Just like the Earth continues to shift seasons throughout the year, it is very important that we too continue to transition. Sometimes, we may become stuck in a cycle, causing stagnation on our path. When we become stagnant, we staunch our growth and become emotionally and spiritually unbalanced. The Earth teaches us that it is important to keep flowing, to not become lost in any one of our inner seasons. Seasons work together as a beautiful and intricate system, woven together through the wisdom and intelligence of the Earth and nature.

Each season is necessary for the next one, they are all always working together to create a stable and balanced system. This natural intelligence is flowing through us as well, and can act as a guide towards inner and outer harmony.

Now, let’s take a look at the different seasons and how they can relate to and support our journeys.

Spring: The Spring season offers us a time of renewal, rebirth, and connection. Following Winter, Spring is a time where we are supported to share many of the reflections and insights we gained during our Winter cycle. Spring is all about new-ness! So trust in all of your new ideas and begin to water them daily, trusting that they will grow beautifully with continued nourishment and love.
When you are experiencing an Inner Spring, make sure to take time out to set new intentions, be creative, and connect with those around you in a positive way.
Spring Affirmation: I am open to new opportunities and let my creativity flow freely.

Summer: The Summer season brings with it warmth, passion, and action! Summer is a time of aliveness, where things are in full bloom and life is in full swing. When you are experiencing an inner Summer, it is important to connect with your intuition and to take inspired action towards your desires daily. This is a time for you to continue nourishing the desires which you seek to harvest in the coming future and to bring fun into everything you do! Spend time doing that
which makes you feel alive and embrace the warm essence of celebration that this season brings.
Summer Affirmation: I am grateful for my life and bring joy and passion into every experience!

Autumn: The Autumn season is a time of letting go and slowing down.
It is the time of year when the leaves fall from the trees and life seems to become slower. Embrace this new pace, and check in with yourself to see what it’s time to release. At this time, we are invited to ground ourselves, focus on what is truly important, and clear out that which no longer serves. When you are experiencing an inner Autumn, take time to check in, declutter, and slow down.
Autumn Affirmation: I release what no longer serves me and honor my body’s needs.

Winter: The Winter season offers a time of sacred stillness and self reflection. Winter guides us to turn inwards and to take time to nurture our inner world. Take stock of that which you have created and experienced throughout your previous cycles and seek clarity for where you will direct your energy next. When you are experiencing an inner Winter, take time to rest deeply, move slowly, and trust in the cycles of life.
Winter Affirmations: I slow down and rest my mind, body, and spirit. I trust in the flow of life.

So, which inner season are you currently experiencing?

Honor your cycles, and trust in the journey. You are so worthy!