Building A Self Care Toolbox

As you develop and deepen your self love and healing journey, it is important to have resources that you can connect with anytime you feel the need for self care. Self care can be simple, yet it is incredibly powerful and important. We all need nurturing, and in order to cultivate a healthy mind, body, and spirit, we must learn how to use the tools that work best for our needs. 

First, we must try out different things in order to discern what resonates with us best. Self care is all about turning towards yourself with the loving intention to listen, honor, and then act in a way that supports your findings. What works for some, may not work for you; and contrary to much of the content circulating throughout the world- self care is so much more than face masks and shopping sprees. While those things may occasionally have some value, the self care that I am referring to goes deeper. 

Read on to check out some of the Self Care practices that you can implement into your growing toolbox of self-nourishment resources!

  1. Develop a journaling practice. Play with different prompts, or go freestyle- simply writing about your emotions, interactions, and daily experiences. 
  2. Meditate. Meditation is something that everyone can find value in. Perhaps you prefer to lay down for five minutes and simply breathe, relishing in the space away from the rest of your day. Or, perhaps you’d like to try guided meditations. Find what works for you and dedicate yourself to it! 
  3. Movement. Movement in all its beautiful forms is such an important aspect of healing and self-care. By moving our bodies, we move, shift, and transmute energy within us- that means it can help us to change our mindset, boost our mood, and improve physical function. Dance, run, practice yoga, walk, or anything else that feels good for you. 
  4. Positive affirmation practice. Of course, we strongly believe in the power of affirmations to change your entire life. Rewire your brain and transform your thought patterns by choosing uplifting, loving, and encouraging words and phrases to say to yourself. Write them in your planner, and post them all around your home so the reminders stay fresh! 
  5. Community. Developing a community, whether small or large, of like-minded and supportive people can be life changing. This will help ground you in the truth that you are never alone, and that so many others are going through similar things. Community elevates us with loving support and gives us the space to develop compassion, non judgment, and acceptance for others and ourselves. 

Which of these preactives will you be integrating into your self care routine? If you have other practices that empower and uplift you- share them with us by commenting on any of our IG or FB posts with the hashtag #selfcaretoolbox


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Let’s continue growing and healing together, Tribe.