Finding Grace within Our Pain

Slow down, just breathe, and allow yourself to feel all that is present within you right now.

There may be pain, or pleasure. There may be joy, or sorrow. Welcome all parts of yourself and accept what you discover. From this perspective of the Loving Observer, you can see and feel all that is within you, and you can hold a space of non judgment for yourself and your experiences. You can lean into the discomfort that you are noticing and breathe love into those places. 

What we resist will persist; and therefore, ignoring that which ails us is not the solution, rather, we must courageously lean towards the discomfort, the pain, the internal struggle, so that we can begin to listen and understand the messages of our body speaks, and deliver the healing we deserve.  

We would not ignore or hide away a crying baby, instead, we naturally turn towards listening, compassion, and caretaking. When a baby cries, we hold it, whisper loving words, and honor its emotions by responding with openness. We deserve the same for ourselves. When a feeling arises that asks to be held, comforted, and loved- so often we push it aside, abandoning ourselves in the process. We can relearn how to care for ourselves and our pains by becoming better listeners and courageous advocates for ourselves and our own healing. We can learn to sit with ourselves in moments when our inner being calls out in need of love.  

Our pain asks to be heard, felt, and acknowledged.

When our pain is shunned, it draws back into our depths and quietly lives on, echoing its hurt from deep within. Our pain asks to be felt, and so we must lean into that which hurts us. When we feel, we heal because we give ourselves the grace and space to honor and then move through an experience, allowing acceptance for all aspects of ourselves. 

There is an ocean of love within you, and a strength that you carry in your Soul. Connect with this infinite part of yourself and see that all aspects of your experience are valid and valuable.

Be loving and gentle, and open up to the shadows within. You will grow through this process, and transform your pain into your power.