Raise Your Vibration

Everything in the universe vibrates at a different frequency. There are energies that vibrate at an extremely high frequency such as pleasure, love, and joy; and there are energies that vibrate at a much lower frequency such as shame, guilt, and hatred. 

We each have the ability to manipulate our frequency at will for better or worse. 

Don’t worry though, experiencing all of our emotions whether they are light or heavy is extremely important and valuable. When beginning to understand how to work with our own energy, we must remember that it does not serve us to always try to remain in “love and light.” That is actually a form of toxic positivity, because it does not validate any of our other emotional experiences, or allow us to feel and work through them in a healing way.

Learning how to raise our vibration is something that can serve us throughout all emotions and situations. We can elevate ourselves to a higher frequency of love and confidence; and when we are sad or struggling, we can shift our frequency to a higher vibration of compassion, acceptance, and understanding for ourselves and our situation. Raising or shifting your vibration is not about eliminating or pushing away challenging feelings, it is more about remembering that we can always operate from a higher perspective of love through all circumstances. 

There are many ways to shift your energy and achieve a higher vibration. Try out these tips to get the high vibes buzzing! 

  1. Positive Affirmation practice. Words hold energy. When we speak loving words to ourselves we are instantly shifting our energy to a higher state of soul-love and joy. Choose a few positive phrases that uplift and encourage you. Shout them, write them, and read them to yourself throughout the day. 

  1. Music. Music is one of the best and most fun ways to quickly redirect your mood and energy. Choose music with upbeat rhythms, positive words, and feel-good messages. The content that we feed ourselves is so important and has strong effects on our subconscious so choose joyous music that vibrates along with the love in your heart! 

  1. Movement. Movement is medicine, and a powerful mood shifter and booster. Engage in any variety of movement that feels good in your body and mind. Try dancing alone in your room, going for a walk or jog, enjoy a bike ride through the park, or try out that new yoga studio you’ve had your eye on. Exercise improves brain function and helps to regulate our nervous systems. Next time you feel down or stuck, don’t think twice and get moving!   

You have the power to vibe higher than ever, and when you do, you radiate that healing energy outwards to everyone you meet. 

For a super boost check out our Raise Your Vibes Tribe Playlist on spotify:


  1. Elevate Your Mind -Londrelle

  2. Infinite Universe -Beautiful Chorus 

  3. I am Loved -Fia 

  4. Human Nature -Beautiful Chorus 

  5. You are Enough -Londrelle