Surround Yourself in Love

Sometimes, all we need is a reminder to just breathe.

When we live mindlessly, our breath can run on autopilot, shifting chaotically throughout our various experiences and tasks of the day. We may feel that stress, anxiety, and other difficult emotional experiences have the ability to hijack our breath and steal our peace.

Often, when we feel these emotions, we will experience constriction in our chests, discomfort in our bellies, and pain in our bodies. These are all signs and messages from our bodies: asking us to tune it, take care, and let go of that which is causing dis-ease within us.

When negative emotional experiences overtake our sense of stability and peace, we must take loving action to nourish ourselves and return to inner balance. This is the moment where we need loving reminders. 

In these times of heightened difficulty, it can be a great challenge to remember to slow down, breathe deep, and surrender to the flow of what is happening around us. We need positive reminders to surround us so that we can truly become immersed in a narrative that supports positivity, peace, and growth. 

These reminders can be big or small, as long as they introduce a positive path forward to shift out of negative thought patterns and feelings. 

Although connection to our communities can be a place where we seek that guiding hand back to peaceful presence, it is important to not place the responsibility of our emotional regulation in someone else’s hands.

This is why we believe in the unstoppable power of speaking, writing, and especially, wearing positive affirmations. Wearing a simple bracelet with the affirmation “Just Breathe”  on my wrist has proved to be my anchor and my guide throughout the busy days. Whether I’m working, reading or walking my pup, I can glance down and affirm this simple yet mighty phrase anytime I need to. Surrounding myself in uplifting words and images has helped to shift my thoughts and feelings towards harmony, peace, and wellbeing.

Remind yourself daily to slow down and just breathe, to trust where you are, and to honor your needs. You are worthy and deserve to feel enveloped in words of love, support, and empowerment. Simply start by writing the affirmation you need most on a post-it note beside your bed, or on the bathroom mirror.

Tell yourself this story of love and experience transformation on the deepest level. If you’re ready for something a little more elegant, check out the affirmation jewelry in our shop and choose your perfect piece. 

Above all, know that you are so loved, and that is the most powerful and important reminder of all.