Ocean of Peace

Just like the Ocean, our thoughts are powerful and expansive.

Sometimes the waves are choppy and rough, yet other times, they are quiet, still, and smooth. Regardless of what is taking place on the surface of the sea, there is always an infinite stillness and silence beneath the waves.

The ocean does not define itself with each individual wave, instead, the ocean allows waves and storms to come and go, yet its depth of stillness, strength
and peace remain untouchable and quiet beneath the surface.

Sometimes our thoughts can be scary, or stressful.
During these moments, we may feel as if we are lost in a storm without a safe haven in sight, completely at the mercy of the overwhelming waves. However, there is a lifeboat, and that is your breath.

Your breath is your infinitely loving anchor back to presence, peace and stillness.
We do not need to define ourselves or our stories as these storms or individual waves. Just as, we are not every single thought we think on a daily basis. We are the Being who is observing these thoughts and responding from that place of internal stillness.

It is okay to get lost at sea, so long as we remember that we always have a compass to guide us home.
When you start to feel as if you are being swept away by the tumultuous currents of life, remember your inner ocean of infinite peace and tune into your breath. There you will always find stillness.

Find the quiet beneath the noise and see that this is who and what you truly are.
Waves and storms may come and go, yet we must remember that we are not the changing waves- we are the infinite ocean. You are stronger than any storm that
comes your way.

The path towards peace is through the breath, and Home is found within.