Fake it Till You Make it

As humans, we are deeply emotional beings with the depth to experience many feelings at once. Throughout the day, we can go through a wide range of emotional experiences along the spectrum, some may feel dense and heavy, while others will vibrate with joy and love. 

It is clear which experiences are universally preferred, yet the important truth is that all of our feelings have innate value, and it is essential to honor each of them as they naturally arise; even if we do not have a name for that feeling at the moment. While all of our feelings are teachers, some of them can be super powers. We can connect with our emotions and consciously use them to align with and embody positive energy. 

When we combine a thought, idea, or belief with a positive emotional response, we are able to align with what we are affirming. Consider the phrase “fake it till you make it;” as we practice believing what we affirm, we are powerfully integrating that truth into our being. This is the key to fully charging our affirmations in a way that will transform our subconscious conditioning and every aspect of our lives. 

This is why it is so important to practice feeling and affirming together. When we practice with our positive affirmations, we must allow ourselves to fully step into the “new” idea or thought, as if we already believe it to be true. By putting ourselves within the experience of the new feeling and belief, we are giving ourselves space to truly become what we are affirming. Be patient with yourself during this process as it is natural to feel resistance or discomfort when working with brand new affirmations. This is not a sign to give up, but rather, this simply shows where to offer yourself love and compassion. 

Without the emotional energy behind our affirmations, they lose much of their power. Affirmations work when we push through resistance, practice consistently, and feel the words we are speaking as true. 

Most importantly, remember that each of our emotions is our Teacher and all feelings deserve to be acknowledged, honored, and cared for in the way that they ask. We can hold compassion for our challenging feelings, and we can practice embodying positive and uplifting feelings in order to train our minds, and align with a higher vibrational experience. 

Affirm it. Feel it. Believe it. Be it.