Grow Towards the Sun

What Sunflowers Have to Teach us 

Tall, bright, and beaming are just a few words to describe the incredible plant that is the Sunflower. This summer, I have found myself surrounded by this golden plant, and through observing their beauty and growth, I have learned much from our Sunflower allies.

Sunflowers get their name from the special way that they grow- directly towards the light; and if you watch one throughout the course of a day, you’ll notice that they follow the path of the sun through the sky. These plants have so much wisdom to share, and in order to receive this, all we have to do is be open to understanding their lessons and messages. 

Sunflowers are teachers that work with the light. They offer us a vision as to how to hold our head high so that we can shine; and the light that they follow can represent wisdom, divinity, truth, joy, and love. 

The largest Sunflowers can grow to over 16 feet high, showing us how to stand tall in who we truly are, and guiding us to release fears around being seen in our power. 

For this magnificent flower to grow so tall and mighty, all it needs to do is be. It grows slowly, in perfect harmony with the world around it, and does not need to rush through any chapter of its experience. The wisdom here is that sometimes, all we need to do is simply BE. This might be a difficult idea to understand as our society is built on how much we DO. Sunflowers illuminate the blessing that letting go can bring, and remind us that we do not always need to be in action. This wisdom guides us to the joy of simply being and flowing in harmony with life. 

Perhaps, the loudest message that the Sunflower shares is to let yourself shine; and to shine as beautifully, boldly, and brightly as you possibly can. If there are others around you who cannot handle your glorious light and radiance, then let them walk away, for you are special and need not dim your light for anyone. 

Learn to listen to the plants and animals that surround you, and see that we are connected to all things. There is wisdom and power in the messages from the Earth, ready to guide and heal us. All we have to do is open our hearts to listen. 

Which message from the Sunflower resonates with you most?