Learning the Language of Your Intuition


Your intuition may be the most powerful part of yourself, yet so often we ignore or mistrust it.

Many wonder, how do I know when my intuition is speaking to me? The answer lies in learning the language of your own intuition, and then cultivating the self trust it takes to live from that space.  

Today I will share a few tips on how to begin hearing, understanding, and acting from the intuition of your Higher Self.

-Practice leaning into trust. Your heart always knows the best path forward. Even in moments where you are unable to see what lies ahead, continue to take one step at a time, trusting that the ground will always be beneath your feet. It is okay to move into the unknown. Leaving behind the comfort of familiarity is the quickest path to transformation and growth. 

-Learn the difference between your ego and your Higher Self. Your Ego tends to move from a place of fear, control, and old conditionings/programming. Your Higher Self moves from Divine Inspiration, heart aligned action, creativity, curiosity, and the desire to expand and evolve. Next time you are turning inward for guidance, do your best to discern between these two experiences. Don’t hate your ego- it is there to protect you and ensure your survival. Speak to your Ego if necessary and let it know that you are safe to trust and ready to lead from your heart.

-Practice building self trust by being decisive. Don’t vacillate. Learning to make strong choices for ourselves is so important. It teaches us that we can rely on ourselves  and take safe risks. Release the need to have all the outcomes figured out. Make choices that feel right in your heart and know that even when things don’t unfold as expected, your mistakes are a gift to be learned from. In the end, you will develop a safe and trusting relationship with yourself through this process.

-Bravely be yourself. Release the fear of being judged and start making choices that feel right in your body- regardless of what others may say or think. Often, our intuition can be felt physically. When we get a “gut feeling” that is a clear message of guidance from our intuition and it is very important that we listen and act on these awarenesses. When something feels innately wrong, you may feel nauseous, uncomfortable, sweaty, or even have an unexplainable feeling in your heart that it is not right. When something feels deeply right, you will feel it within your heart and soul, even if you cannot logically explain this. Start paying attention to the way your body talks to you, and use this awareness as a guide for your intuition. 

Learning the language of your intuition is about learning how to listen closely to your heart, learning how to ‘feel’ truth, and then inviting in authenticity and courage as you take steps forward. It is time to trust and to take those leaps of faith into the magical unknown. Your heart will lead the way.