Learn to Love and Honor Your Emotions


It’s all love and light… except it’s not; and we shouldn’t be normalizing this phrase as a way to avoid negative emotions and experiences. As a culture of Spirituality spreads, more and more people fall victim to ‘toxic positivity’ which can be defined as the belief that no matter how dire or difficult a situation is, a positive mindset should be maintained. 

This is dangerous because it tells us to ignore  and shut out all experiences that do not feel innately positive. The truth is that all of our emotions and experiences are valid and an important, even necessary,  part of our journey. When we choose to not acknowledge or engage with our pain and challenges, we are choosing not to grow and receive the lessons and strengths that these experiences and emotions have the chance to bring us. By ignoring them, we also leave them unprocessed. This is dangerous because when we choose not to hold space for our pains and traumas, we are unintentionally allowing them to take root within us, and to be acted out subconsciously in order to be acknowledged and hopefully attended to. What we don’t heal, we will continue to feel and to struggle with. This is why we must learn to become the Loving Observer of ourselves and our emotions. That way, we can see our emotions from a more neutral perspective, and we won’t have to judge any as ‘wrong’, leading us to, therefore, shun that emotion. Instead, we will feel compassion and acceptance for all parts of ourselves and our experiences, and we will be able to offer each experience the care it needs to be brought back to love and healthily integrated into our growth story. Of course, this is a practice, and it requires patience, self compassion, and vulnerability. 

One way we can begin building (or repairing) the bridge within ourselves is through journaling. Journaling as a practice gives us the safe space to be introspective, inquisitive, and inspired. It also helps us see the bigger picture, and to have empathy and understanding for our own experience. 

I would like to share a few journal prompts that can help to reconnect you with the full spectrum of your emotions, and assist you in beginning to hold genuinely loving space for yourself throughout all experiences. Read on to begin your journey towards full self love and healing. 

Journal Prompts for Honoring Your Emotions

  1. The feelings I have been experiencing lately are…
  2. What things and experiences have been causing me tension lately? How has this caused me to feel? 
  3. What feelings do I want to experience more regularly in life? 
  4. Some ways I could honor negative emotions without judgment are… 
  5. The next time I feel a negative emotion, how will I respond? 
  6. Adopting a perspective of love and compassion for myself, what would I say to myself during a time of challenge or struggle? 
  7. What does loving myself in this moment feel like? How can I deepen this feeling of self love throughout my life? 

Enjoy these journal prompts and be patient and gentle with yourself as you travel this path towards greater self awareness and love. As always, you are infinitely worthy. 

Begin loving yourself more than ever, right here, and now.