Creating A Self Love Altar

It is so important that we all have a safe space where we can connect to ourselves, our hearts, and our healing. We don’t necessarily need a large space for this. In fact, all we need is a small, dedicated space where we can honor ourselves and our journeys. My favorite way to create this type of space is with a Self Love Altar. 

An altar is a small space of devotion, upliftment, and sacred safety. On this altar you can place any number of items that inspire, uplift, and support you. 

Read on as I share a few simple tips for creating your very own Self Love Altar.

-When creating your altar choose a space where it won’t be distrubed by others, such as a small table in your bedroom or office. This space should be solely dedicated to your altar, and not have interfering purposes or items cluttering the area.

-Once you have chosen your special space, begin by placing a photo of yourself. I recommend choosing a photo of yourself as a child, so that you can always be connected to your inner child. This also helps us on our self love journey because when we see ourselves as a child, we are much more inclined to treat ourselves with love and gentleness.

-Now comes the fun part! Get creative and place objects on the altar that are meaningful and inspiring to you. Perhaps you’d like to place a rose quartz crystal here to further empower the energy and intention of self love. Or, maybe you’d like to place a sea shell from your favorite beach trip to symbolize your desire to flow more easily with life.  

-Your altar can act as a vision board, so begin adding images, symbols, and words or phrases that amplify your intentions to love and honor yourself. You can create a mini vision board on a small piece of paper, or simply place your cut outs of words, images, and symbols right on the altar. These images are meant to continuously inspire you and encourage you to keep moving forward in learning to love yourself. Choose images that uplift you rather than causing you to compare yourself to others. Maybe some of these images include what your life will look like as a being who has embodied self love fully. Perhaps, you place photos of your heart’s desires here to remind you that you are worthy of receiving and achieving them.

-Spend daily time at your altar. Maybe you’d like to sit before your altar as you meditate or simply journal. It can also be deeply healing and nurturing to simply sit before your altar and enjoy all of the special things you have placed there. For some this may be a space of deeper spirituality where you may enjoy praying or speaking to a higher power. Whatever resonates with you, I encourage you to try it out. Your altar is there for you as your unique safe space. 

Creating an altar is meant to be fun, healing, and inspiring! So let your creativity take flight and enjoy this process of creating a physical representation of the love you have for yourself. You are so worthy of love, and it’s time you claimed this as the truth!