Creating a Positive Relationship with Social Media

In this day and age, social media is integrated intimately into most of our lives. Whether you have a personal relationship with social media, or a professional one- it is so important to regularly check in and ensure that social media is doing more good than harm in your life. 

It can be easy to overstep personal boundaries when it comes to socials and what we put up with. 

Without boundaries in place, social media can be extremely damaging to our mental health, self image, and relationships. When we consciously interact with social media rather than being mindless consumers, the game can drastically change- and we actually may find joy, community, and a wealth of resources at our fingertips. It all comes down to the way we interact with these platforms. 

Today, I want to share a few simple ways to ensure you are cultivating a conscious and positive relationship with social media. 

-Unapologetically unfollow and unfriend. Be conscious of the information and individuals you are allowing onto your feed. For many of us, our socials have been active for a number of years, and it can be easy to accumulate a huge number of people in your own ‘following’ list that maybe don’t need to be there anymore. Check in with who and what you’re following and genuinely ask yourself if these accounts are positively adding to your life. Ask yourself if the content they share sparks joy. Most importantly, ask yourself which accounts cause you to subconsciously compare yourself or cause you to feel low self worth, or not good enough. You need to unfollow these accounts immediately. Your life is not something that needs to be compared to anyone else’s, and you are more than enough exactly as you are. You don’t need to change, but who you follow does. Commit to only following accounts that promote genuine positivity and supportive content. Make this a boundary that you uphold and respect. 

-Follow supportive, genuine, and uplifting accounts. Now that you’ve cleared out your following list, there's room to add to it in a positive and healthy way. Take a moment to consider an area of your life where you’re seeking more community and support. For example, maybe you’re working on loving your body just as you are. Check out some Body Positivity accounts and follow people who look like you, or who simply share the message of loving yourself and your body just as you are. By following accounts like these, you are creating a safe and supportive space for yourself on your feed that is more likely to uplift, encourage, and help you to heal. You will also have the opportunity to connect with people on a similar journey, therefore sharing and spreading the love. 

-Think before you type. Speaking of bringing more positivity into your social media experience, it is incredibly important that you choose to be a force of good. So many people hide behind their computer screens and spread hatred, judgment, and just plain negativity. This usually stems from deep insecurities and unhappiness in the individual, however, that does  not make it acceptable. The things we say, comment, and share online have real world consequences, and can harm people in ways that you may not be able to imagine. So, each time before you comment or communicate with someone online- ask yourself, is this something I would want to receive? Does this have the potential to harm or hurt someone? Where does the desire for me to share or say this come from? Comment, post, and share from a place of love, encouragement, and community. And honestly, if you don’t have something nice to say (this includes the way you speak to and write about yourself) then just don’t say anything at all. If you’re feeling the urge to share something negative, it’s time to log off and take time for some self care. Most importantly, remember that social media offers us the chance to spread love and hope with a larger community. Use this power wisely. 

Above all, one of the most important things we can do to enjoy a healthy relationship with social media is by creating boundaries around it. Set time allowances for your social media consumption and work hard to uphold and honor these. Remember, everything in moderation, and this includes how we use social media. Begin to cultivate a conscious and healthy relationship to your social media and your experience both online and off will drastically change.