How I Began My Self Love Journey

Today is a special day, because today our self-paced Love Yourself Course has gone live, making this new range of life changing practices available to all of you beautiful Tribe members. This course is an offering of love, a guiding hand towards awakening, and an invitation for deep healing. Together, we will learn how to turn love inwards and step into the life we have always dreamed of. We will claim freedom, self worth, and joy as a birthright. 
As part of celebrating this launch,  I want to share with all of you how I began my own self love journey.  

My self love journey began when I realized that things weren’t going to change unless I did the deep inner work and focused on changing things within myself first. 

I grew tired of negative thoughts looping incessantly through my head, and I knew deep down that I was worthy of more. 

Throughout my life, my self esteem was generally low, and I had no guidance as to how I could begin shifting out of that head and heart space. I was attracting people and situations who treated me poorly because I felt that poor treatment was all I was worthy of, and therefore I magnetized experiences such as these to further affirm my lack of worth. 

I grew tired of living this way, and desperately sought out a different path. Deep down I knew that I was worthy of loving myself, and of being loved by others. I quickly realized that no one was coming to save me. Finding joy and learning to love myself was completely my own responsibility. 

I knew I had to start somewhere. But where? I decided that the best way to begin turning love inwards was by tending to the parts of me that begged for love and acknowledgment most. Beginning my self love journey meant taking a deep dive into my shadow self and beginning to offer love myself patient love and healing. It was time to accept and integrate the parts of me that I had shunned and deemed unworthy. By doing this , I began to feel Whole and slowly but surely, I learned to love all parts of myself. This journey also taught me how to hold space for all of my emotions, thoughts, and experiences. There have been ups and downs on this journey, and there will continue to be. But what matters most is practicing self love through each up and down, and having patience as the healing and evolution takes place. towards greater self love and healing. 

You are so worthy. If you need help knowing where to start, head to our Courses and give a few of our practices a try.  Each practice in our member portal is designed to expertly guide you on this path of self love and healing.  

Keep moving forward. This journey is so worth it.