Get Creative: 3 Crafty Ways to Practice Self Love

Learning to love ourselves takes devotion and practice, and still this process is a journey. It is so important that we find ways to practice turning love inwards in ways that resonate with our hearts and inspire us to continue traveling this path.

We all learn in different ways, and many of us find we learn better when we get to exercise our creativity and express ourselves through joy and fun. If you are someone like this, then these practices are for you! Read on as I share 3 fun and easy creative projects you can do to practice self love. 

-Create a Self Love Mandala. All you need for this simple and fun project is a blank sheet of paper, markers/crayons/ or colored pencils, and some fun magazines to cut images and words out of. For this project first choose an affirmation related to your self love journey. For example, maybe you’d like to choose the affirmation “I love my body” or, “I am valuable and special.” Whatever you choose, make sure it's something that inspires and uplifts you. Write this affirmation in the center of the page. Now, begin to draw and write symbols, words, and images that work to further empower your chosen affirmation. These can be as simple as colors that you relate to the energy of your affirmation. The final step in this fun project is to browse magazines, newspapers, and even the web for images, article clippings, and anything else that you relate to your affirmation. Think of this part of the project as creating a vision board for your affirmation! How will your life look when fully embodying this affirmation? Be creative and non judgmental towards what you create. Express from your heart, and most of all- have fun! At the end, you’ll have a beautiful reminder to inspire you and remind you to love yourself each and every day. 

-Write a simple song for your favorite affirmation(s)! If you are particularly musical, then this is the practice for you. Choose one or two of your favorite affirmations and simply play around with adding a silly little tune, or match the words to your favorite song, and change the lyrics! Music is a powerful tool that helps us to raise our vibration and to create new pathways in the brain. Sing your heart out to your new affirmation song and release any judgment around this practice. Free yourself and just enjoy this sweet and silly process of musically loving yourself. 
-Ignite your imagination! This is a powerful practice for embodying our affirmation(s) and manifesting a bright and joyful future. Choose one affirmation at a time and take a few minutes to write down what a day in your life looks like when you are fully embodying this affirmation and living it as your truth. Maybe your affirmation is “I am abundant” for this practice, write the story of your most abundant day! Whatever you choose to imagine and visualize, allow yourself to deeply feel all of the joyful and positive emotions that arise as you imagine living in this new reality. When we align our feelings with a belief we magnetize that reality towards us, so let your imagination take flight and visualize your  brightest and most magical future, knowing all the while that you are on your way there!

Enjoy these fun and creative self love practices, and feel free to share any of your creations with us on instagram ( or facebook (@vibestribeco) 

Happy Creating!