Finding Our Purpose In Life

Finding our purpose in life is a journey that we all feel called to go on eventually. Discovering our true purpose  means identifying our unique  passions and callings, and discovering what gives deep meaning to our lives. Our purpose is aligned with our values, talents, and what matters most to us. Yet, so many of us have trouble uncovering or aligning with what we feel our purpose is in life. It is so important that we feel connected to a sense of purpose, as it allows us to live from our heart-space, and to experience what we love, while sharing our gifts and light with the world. 

How do I find my true purpose? 

Discovering your purpose can give your life direction and motivation, and can help you live a more fulfilling and satisfying life, but, how do we find it? Finding your life purpose is a process that requires self-reflection, exploration, and experimentation. 

Read on to explore 10 valuable journal prompts designed to help you uncover your true purpose, and align with the life of your dreams: 

  1. What are you most grateful for in your life? Think recently, and more generally.
  2. What does happiness mean to you? What does a happy life look like for you? How do you imagine it would feel? 
  3. Do you feel like you live in alignment with your truth? What are the values of your truth?
  4. How can you change your life so that you are living more in alignment with your authenticity and truth?
  5. What are some of your goals, dreams, or desired achievements in your life? Think small and big! 
  6. What do you want to be remembered or  known for? 
  7. If money or responsibilities did not matter- what would your life look like? How can you begin to create this as your reality, one step at a time? 
  8. What are the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself or your life that are holding you back? 
  9. How can you rewrite these limiting beliefs into stories that set you free? 
  10. What is one baby step you can take to move towards a life of greater purpose, joy, and fulfillment? 

Each of us comes to Earth with unique magic that we are meant to share with the world! Your unique purpose is your medicine, and you are meant to use it. Take time to deeply explore these prompts, and trust what comes up for you. Be brave as you embark on this incredible journey of living in alignment with your soul’s purpose.