Self Love As A Practice

Mental health impacts every aspect of our life, and it takes time and effort to cultivate a healthy mindset. Even when we spend time nurturing ourselves, we still may struggle- and that is okay. What matters most in moments like these is remaining committed to loving yourself. When we love ourselves, it doesn’t always mean that we are happy, optimistic, and mentally well. Sometimes, loving ourselves means recognizing when we are feeling low, when we feel lost or hopeless, and allowing ourselves to accept these feelings, honor them by acknowledging them, and then holding space for these feelings to be processed and released with compassion, patience, and gentleness. 

Self love is about showing up for ourselves each and every moment. This is the real definition of unconditional love, and you absolutely deserve this. 

Next time you feel like your mental health has taken a turn and you need some love and support, sit with yourself, and just as if you were sitting with a child, offer comfort without needing to change the narrative. Hold space for your heavy feelings. Give yourself permission to feel exactly as you do, without judging yourself or your experience. It may help to write out exactly how you feel and express all the things you need to say. It may help to cry, to let your heart fill up with the heaviness so that it can be healed and released. We only heal when we allow ourselves to feel. When we judge emotions as negative, we subconsciously push them away, and do our best to avoid the emotional discomfort. This only leaves the emotion unprocessed and unhealed within us. It takes courage and practice to continue showing up for yourself- especially in the challenging moments. Love yourself enough to practice honoring all of your emotions and all of your experiences. Be brave enough to let yourself feel. 

Commit to radical self love in all moments of your beautiful life. 

You are so worthy of this.