Holding Space for Your Heavy Feelings

Some days, we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed- and for whatever reason, our day can begin feeling stressful, and just generally negative. So, how do we face a day like this? What do we do when positivity feels hard to find, and we just wish we could go back to bed and try again tomorrow? 

First, I believe that it is really important to show compassion to ourselves in moments like this. Rather than making ourselves feel worse for feeling bad, we can simply accept how we’ve shown up to the new day without judging it, and from there, we can find ways to move forward that validate and honor our challenging feelings. 

If possible, talk about your feelings with someone you love and trust. Gaining support from others can remind you that these challenging feelings will pass, and that you are not alone.

Once you feel more supported, it is time to begin exploring ways to shift your energy. No one wants to carry negativity throughout their day- the load is simply too heavy. That is why it is now time to engage in some self care. What would make you feel nourished and soothed in this moment? If it's changing up your morning routine and going for a walk instead, or taking a meditative bath, then do so! It is up to you to care for yourself, or to express your needs to the loved ones around you who may be willing to offer you care.  

Taking time to sit with your feelings, journal about them authentically, and honor where you are is the quickest path to healing and transmuting your negative and heavy emotions into lighter, more positive ones. 


If this is something that you are going through today, I’d like to share a few journal prompts that may be able to support you as you honor and express your difficult feelings:

  1. What emotions am I feeling right now? Where in my body am I feeling them? 
  2. What do I feel is at the very core of these emotions? What are they bringing me? 
  3. How can I best support myself from a place of love and compassion today?