Creating A Self Care Toolbox

What is a self care toolbox?

A self care toolbox is a collection of various self care activities and practices that are readily available to support you throughout times of need. 

How do I build one?

The first step in building your very own self care tool box is to create a list of self care activities that feel supportive, nourishing, and healing to you. For this, I recommend researching different activities that resonate with you (check out the options listed below!) at a diverse range of practice times, and accessibility. For example, sometimes, we need self care, yet we may only have 5-10 minutes to practice. Organize your list in a way that allows you to choose an activity that you know fits into this time range. At the same time, research and list activities/practices that are longer. Consider choosing a few that are in the 15-20 minute range, as well as longer self care such as 30-60 minutes. Remember, this is your unique self care toolbox and should be built to your special needs and desires. Make it yours! 

Is there an actual toolbox I am going to be making?

Your self care tool box is not a real, physical tool box- though it could be! It is okay if your metaphorical toolbox is nothing more than a list for you to turn to in times of need. However, it can also be very beneficial to create a physical self care toolbox. This may look something like a small box or chest that you fill with items to support you in your self care practices. For example, I may have listed ‘bubble baths’ on my self care list, in my self care toolbox, I may place my favorite bottle of bubble bath inside. Additionally, maybe I have listed ‘meditation’ on my self care list, perhaps I place an eye mask and scented candle in my self care box to use during my meditations. The point of the self care toolbox is to make self care easily accessible and readily available to you whenever you may need it. Enjoy personalizing this part of the process! 

Now that you’re ready to begin putting your very own toolbox together, check out the self care practices listed below for inspiration:

Self Care Practices for Your Toolbox:

-Guided Meditation 

-Gentle Yoga practice 

-Take a walk around the block while listening to a guided affirmation track 

-take a mindful shower or bath 

-slow down, and drink a cup of tea 

-take 10 minutes to clear the energy in your space by tidying 

-give yourself a foot or shoulder massage 

-cook yourself a simple meal 

-Stand outside in the sunshine and take 10 rounds of deep breath 

-exercise in a way that feels good for you

-read a self help book

-phone a friend 

-watch an uplifting film 

Feel free to place any activity on your own self care list that feels nourishing to you! Your self care toolbox is a resource that you can constantly add to and find support from. Take these tools into 2023 for a year full of wellness, joy, and healing!