Learning to embrace and honor our strength

How can I begin to honor and embrace my inner strength? 

This is a question that I have recently been exploring on my journey. In order to begin understanding this, I have first had to consider how I define strength. Throughout my life, Strength has taught me that it is so much more than physical ability. Strength touches on something far deeper. Strength is a force that leads us to growth through overcoming things we maybe didn’t think we could. Strength breaks us open and asks us to look at ourselves from an entirely new perspective. Strength heals us by teaching us what we are capable of. It tears down walls, forges new paths, and pushes us to become who we were always meant to be. 

To be strong is to be human; and because you are human, I know that you are strong. 

So, how can we all begin embracing and honoring that strength that has always been a part of us? 

We can start by allowing ourselves to see how far we have come on our journeys, and to recognize the strength, the growth, and the evolution that we have undergone in order to get here today. We deserve to celebrate all that we have overcome, and as those challenges fade away into the story of who we are, we can use them as proof that we have always been stronger than we have known. We have always been capable of overcoming. Let who you are in this moment be a monument to the battles you have fought on your journey. Allow your beating heart to be your infinite reminder of your innate courage to continue moving forward. 

As we travel this path and choose to stand in our strength, the greatest gift we can give ourselves is to honor our voice- the most powerful expression of our strength. Your voice is one of a kind, just like you. Part of being strong is embracing our authenticity, and using our uniqueness as our power. 

Be loud, stand tall, and remember that you are so strong- you always have been.