A Prayer For Presence

Just breathe.

Inhale to find peace, exhale to find release. 

No longer getting lost in the past or future, breathe to come home to yourself, to your heart, right here and now. 

Our breath is our anchor, the force that unifies all of us, and the gift that gives us life. Our breath is what guides us back to our center, and creates a sanctuary of peace and stillness within. When life becomes challenging or scary,  may you always remember to come back to your center, to the essence of your spirit, to the infinite life force that flows through you. The path to this profound peace is found within the breath. This is the tool that is with us always, all we have to do is open up to mindfulness, and give ourselves space to continuously reconnect to each moment through the breaths that we take. 

When you become lost in the pains of the past, or the uncertainty of the future, your breath will always guide you home. 

So, let the breath return you to the inner knowing that life happens only in the present moment, that each breath is a gift. You cannot get back a past breath, and you cannot breathe a future one. All you have is right here, and now- this inhale, this exhale. 

Breathe deeper and deeper, for this is where you will uncover your truest self, and where you will awaken to the eternal love that lives within you. When you are connected to this part of yourself, you will live authentically and openly from your heart, and you will realize that peace is always at your fingertips- you can simply breathe it into existence. 

Breathe in all that you are. Breathe out all that you are not. 

Open your eyes to this miracle of life, each moment new, the breath as the neverending thread that weaves this sacred story together. 

Just breathe.