Get Grounded!

Right outside our door is the greatest healing resource, and that resource is Mother Nature. The Earth is alive, and when we take time to connect to her, we open ourselves up to the healing energy that she offers. The Earth reminds us that it’s okay to take time for ourselves to cultivate inner peace and to get grounded. 

Grounding ourselves is a powerful and important practice that helps root us in the present moment, therefore, assisting us in eliminating anxiety, depression, and fear. Grounding also helps us to slow down, and return our focus to what is most important in the moment. When we are grounded we are able to live in the present, feel empowered and clear in our purpose, and we are able to emotionally regulate ourselves.

So, how do you know when you have become ungrounded? Some symptoms you may experience when you’re ungrounded are: mentally living in the past or future, experiencing fear and worry around your life circumstance, and feeling disconnected from yourself, your purpose, and others around you. 

Read on to discover how you can practice grounding yourself: 

  1. Go barefoot! Standing on the earth with bare feet is a practice known as “earthing” that helps to rebalance our mental, physical, and energetic bodies. Earthing also helps to ground us in the present moment. Spend time with your feet on the Earth and focus on soaking up the healing energy from our Planet. 
  2. Spend time outdoors. It is so important that we create space in our days for regular outside time. Perhaps you are able to take your work outside, or maybe you commit to a daily walk. Whatever resonates with you, do it, and commit to spending at least 30 minutes outside a day. 
  3. Slow down and look to the trees for guidance. The trees are a perfect ally for us when we are seeking to become more grounded. Look at the trees that surround you and notice how they are responding to the different seasons of the Earth. Allowing ourselves to practice living in alignment with the seasons helps us to balance our own inner cycles and flow in harmony with life.

Take time to check in with yourself and notice if you feel ungrounded or unsupported recently. Whatever you discover, respond to your circumstance with love and compassion. Take time to implement these practices into your routine and embrace the power of Nature to help you ground, heal, and grow.