3 Ways To Beat the Winter Blues

Slowly our Autumn days are growing longer, colder, and darker. This can be a difficult time of year for many, as the winter blues begins to set in. If you are someone who struggles with the shifting seasons and finds it hard to stay positive during the winter months, then this is for you! 

Today I want to share 3 simple tips for beating the winter blues and finding warmth from the inside out! We always have the power to cultivate joy and peace in our lives, regardless of the external circumstances that we have no control over. These simple practices are all about responding to our situation with love and compassion, and choosing to create something magical. 

  1. When the winter months arrive, we find ourselves spending much more time indoors. For some, this can be a really hard shift to adjust to. One of the best ways to make this easier on ourselves is to consciously cultivate a beautiful, tidy, and welcoming indoor space. So as the cold arrives, take time to declutter, reorganize, and decorate your home for winter. Choose candles with comforting scents, arrange fluffy pillows on your bed and couch, and commit to keeping your space clean, comfortable, and inviting. With an indoor space that promotes ease, peace, and positivity, you’ll find an easier time reconnecting to joy and ease throughout the long winter days. 
  2. Maintain a commitment to physical nourishment. Another thing that drastically helps improve seasonal depression is exercise. If you are a brave and adventurous soul, perhaps you’d like to enjoy a snowy jog or walk. You may also consider getting a membership to a nearby gym (make it local so that on snowy days you’re still able to get there). Additionally, get creative and hop on youtube where you will find hundreds of free pilates, yoga, and other fitness routines to support and uplift you. Exercise is so important for our mental health, so commit to building a habit in this area of your life and you're guaranteed to see a positive upswing in your mental health this season!
  3. Experiment with developing a new indoor hobby! It can be tempting to turn towards netflix day after cold winter day. However, we will find so much more joy in diversifying our relaxing habits and exploring new ways we can find enjoyment and express our creativity. If you are interested in art, consider buying a sketchbook and even signing up for an online art class! Learn how to bake bread or cakes, and practice cooking something gourmet and seasonal you’ve always wanted to eat. Whether you already have things you know you enjoy doing, or you’re unsure as to what hobbies spark joy, set your creativity free as you explore, discover, and engage in new and fun hobbies! 

Have compassion and treat yourself gently as the cold winter months roll around. Be patient and know that everyone’s journey has ups and downs. Some days may feel easier to get through than others, and that is okay too. Remember that you always have the power to choose joy and peace right now. Let this truth inspire you to make necessary changes so that you can create magic and peace for yourself this winter.