You Are Enough

You are enough. You do enough. You have enough. 

This has always been the truth. 

Many of us have become conditioned to believe that we are less than. The journey towards reclaiming our sense of enough-ness is long, but so worthwhile. For so long in my life, I struggled with not believing I was good enough to achieve success in the areas I wanted to, not good enough to be in a healthy partnership, and not good enough to be loved, celebrated, and honored for who I am. 

As I traveled the path of learning to love myself, I realized that I have always been enough, and that the only reason why I believed I wasn’t is because I was comparing myself to others, and upholding myself to unrealistic ideals of perfection. 

If this sounds familiar to you, it is time to gather your courage and begin to turn love inwards. It is up to us to rewrite our own stories, and to relearn that we are worthy, special, beautiful, and enough. 

Our society encourages us to feel less than enough, because when we do, we are more susceptible to consuming products and ideas they sell to us in an effort to make us “better”, “more beautiful”, and “younger.” Awaken to the truth that you don’t need to change anything about yourself- except for your beliefs and the way you speak to and about yourself. 

We don't need to look different to be beautiful, we just need to practice telling ourselves that we are. We don’t need to change in order to become enough, we just have to claim this as the truth, and then begin to live in a way that honors this.

Please know that  you do not need to fit into the idea of who others think you should be.

Be brave enough to just Be YOU.

Understand that you have always been worthy of being valued and honored for exactly who you are, and now is the time to believe this. You are never too much, or too little. You are more than enough, and always have been.

Let your life be a celebration of your authenticity, because this world needs your unique sparkle. 

Within your heart, these words will live forever: 

You are enough