3 Ways To Build A Gratitude Habit

We are in the season of thankfulness, and there is so much to be thankful for- we just have to open our eyes, and look around to see the abundance that already surrounds and fills our lives. 

Stepping into a life of abundance is less about accruing more wealth, and more about recognizing the blessings we already have. 

Gratitude is the truest key to limitless prosperity and unbridled joy!

To become more grateful, and in turn, more abundant- we must commit to practicing gratitude daily. Doing this will build a gratitude habit and overtime, we will naturally respond to life with thankfulness, appreciation, and celebration. 

Read on as I share 3 simple ways you can practice building gratitude this holiday season:

  1. Start a gratitude journal. This can even be kept in your phone for easy access! Set aside 5 minutes either in the morning or evening (perhaps both!) to write down 5-10 things that you are grateful for. While writing these things down, do your best to really tap into the emotions of appreciation and thankfulness, as these feelings will further amplify your experience of gratitude. Overtime, you may notice your gratitude lists growing longer and more detailed as you awaken to all the beautiful things that are already filling your life and contributing to feelings of abundance, joy, and enoughnes. 
  2. Give yourself a “Rich Life” Check in. This is a simple practice that I began using some years ago to help me realize that I was aligned with wealth and abundance all along. To do this practice, simply check in with yourself by asking these simple questions:

-Do I have a roof over my head?

-Do I have a comfy bed to sleep in?

-Is there running water in my home?

-Are there meals on the table and food in the fridge?

-Are there people who care about me?

By checking in with yourself and your life in this way, you will see that there is SO MUCH to be grateful for. It can be easy to lose sight of how blessed we truly are, and these questions will make you recognize the simple things worthy of immense gratitude. 

3. Implement a gratitude moment before meals. Whether you eat alone or with loved ones, sitting down for a meal provides a perfect opportunity for dropping into gratitude and embracing the gifts of the present moment. If you eat with loved ones, let each person say one thing they’re thankful for from the day. If you’re eating alone, name one or two things that brought you joy or peace during your day. Gratitude will always help us to see the glass as half full, so commit to finding reasons to be thankful, and I promise that your reasons will expand and grow as you develop this habit. 

Always remember that an attitude of gratitude will take you far in life. Look around and notice the beauty, magic, and joy that is filling your life and commit to celebrating it!