Attitude of Gratitude

The path to true prosperity is through gratitude. 

When we focus on being thankful for all of the good that already surrounds us, we automatically attract more to be thankful for. When we are aligned with the vibrational frequency of overflowing gratitude, then the universe will respond to that vibration by delivering us more of the same. By living in gratitude, we live in abundance. When we choose to hold the opposite perspective of lack and scarcity, we will struggle to manifest and experience abundance in our lives because we are perpetually living in the energy of “I don’t have enough,” and rather than the universe responding to that frequency by bringing us blessings, the universe will respond to that frequency by further affirming our lack/scarcity mindset. 

So you see, the journey to abundance begins within. It is up to us to shift our perspective to one of gratitude, and enoughness. We must open our eyes and our hearts to celebrate the blessings that already fill our lives in this current moment. 

Practicing gratitude over time will help us cultivate an abundance mindset, and our abundance mindset will transform our lives. 

Our life is a precious gift, and each breath is a cause for celebration. When we acknowledge the many gifts and blessings that surround us,  we tap into the neverending flow of universal abundance, and create the space for more beauty, love, and joy to fill our lives. 

Beautiful soul, you are enough, you have enough, and you do enough. I invite you to be grateful because you are here, and because you have the chance each day to express from your unique Soul, and share from your gifted heart. 

As your thankfulness grows, the abundance will flow, and you will begin to see each moment as a treasure. You will begin to see that you already have everything you need, and from that place, more will flow to you- just as you deserve. 

Open your heart wide and embrace all that you are and all that you have right now.

Be grateful.