Coping With Holiday Stress

The holidays are meant to be a fun time full of connection, good food, and loved ones. However, the holidays have a tendency to become the most stressful time of year if we don’t consciously cultivate peace, wellbeing, and ease. 

The holidays have largely become about consumption, and in a capitalist society, of course overconsumption is promoted, expected, and celebrated. 

Being pressured to buy large and expensive gifts to “show our love” doesn't usually lead to feelings of peace and joy. In fact, it can make the holidays stressful and even classist. 

Remember that you have the power to choose how you will engage with the holidays this season, and you can absolutely do this on your own terms. 

As you navigate these next couple months, commit to taking care of yourself and honoring your needs as they arise. This will ensure that you remain grounded, strong, and supported during any potential discomfort this season. 

Read on as i share 3 simply self care techniques that you can turn towards this season: 

  1. Create a short meditation practice. Meditating helps to anchor us to the present moment and also helps us regulate our own emotional needs. Establishing a meditation practice this season may help you to remain grounded and connected to a sense of inner peace. It may also help keep you connected to the present moment, where all of the magic will happen. 
  2. Practice your positive affirmations! Of course, we believe that affirmations have the power to change your mindset, and your life. I recommend using affirmations that tend to feelings like anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. Using affirmations such as these will help keep you calm and in control. Head to the affirmation studio to check out our Guided Affirmation practices for support!
  3. Consume consciously! Everything that we take in has an effect on us, whether that be positive or negative. So be mindful of the music you listen to, the movies you watch, the news you consume, and the conversations you partake in. These things can either boost and elevate your energy or darken and drain in. Protect your energy and protect your peace by setting strong boundaries in this area of your life! 

Take control of the Holidays this season by committing to self care and support! You deserve it. 

Happy Holidays!