Ways to Spread Positivity This Spring

Hey friends,

As you all may know, Spring is a time for renewal, fresh, blooming nature and warm sunlight that is awakening and refreshing. After a long stretch of cold, dreary weather, it’s the perfect time to commit to spreading a bit of positivity. There is nothing better than enjoying warm weather and strolling through your community with a positive outlook. The best part? Positivity is contagious and here are some ways you can help others to find their positive light as well.

Give A Compliment

We all know that compliments make us feel good, plain and simple. Go the extra mile and give someone a unique and meaningful compliment they are sure to keep with them. It can be a friend, co-worker, or complete stranger. No matter who you choose to compliment, it shows sincerity and kindness.

Check In

Life has a way of keeping us busy but it’s important to check in with your loved ones. Just by asking how their day is going, it shows you are thinking of them and care about their feelings. This will easily make that person feel good and appreciated. Feel free to ask a stranger as well. If you’re on a coffee run, ask your barista how their day is going. A little goes a long way when it comes to being friendly.

Smile More

When you are feeling and showing happy emotions, you are more likely to get that same positive vibe in return. A smile is the universal sign of friendship. And let’s face it- A friendly face is sometimes all you need to see to change your whole mood. 

Be Encouraging

Maybe you know someone who is going through a hard time in life or is simply having a bad day. Show them your sincere support and encourage them that they will get through it. There is nothing better than someone showing they believe in you and are there for you in the toughest of times. 

Stay Positive

It’s easy to find the negatives in any situation but being able to find the positives is what keeps us going. When you have a positive mindset, the people in your life and around you will pick up on that and others will start to see the bright side as well.

Keep An Open Mind

This can sometimes be a challenge because we are all entitled to our own opinions. But sometimes, when you close your mind to an opinion or idea, you are missing out on something completely. Not to mention, a closed-minded person can sometimes come across as abrasive or all-knowing. When you keep an open mind, it helps spread positivity and others will pick up on this beneficial mindset.

Do A Good Deed

This could be as simple as holding the door for someone or helping an elderly woman with her groceries. No matter how small the gesture, it does not go unnoticed. With one simple act of kindness, you can improve one person's entire day, thus improving your own because you feel good about doing your part. 

Write A Positive Social Media Post

This one has the ability to spread positivity at a global level which is the beauty of social media. Posting something positive whether it’s your own, or a quote that is near and dear to your heart means that others have the option to both read and share. By sharing, the post is now spread to new groups of people and the positivity keeps on going and going.

Make or Purchase a Thoughtful Gift

An unexpected gift can really brighten someone's day. Maybe it’s something you’ve created with your own two hands or a lovely bunch of flowers. Whatever you choose to gift to your friends or family, this surprise gesture is sure to have you both feeling really positive and good about your day.

Tell A Joke

We all know that laughter is the best cure-all for a bad day. Laughter has that fantastic ability to spread with such ease and telling a joke is sometimes all you need to change the course of someone's day. Whether it’s a little sarcasm or a classic dad-joke, getting people to laugh is a great way to spread positivity. 

These are just a few of many ways you can spread positivity in your community. The beauty of a smile, a joke and staying positive is that it’s so contagious and uplifting. Continue to keep an open mind and you are going to see a lot of positivity in your life this Spring. Until next time, friends.