Celebrating Easter

Hey friends,

Easter is such a beloved holiday and for so many reasons: From a religious perspective to fun get-togethers that include easter egg hunts, fancy dinners and more, this holiday is one that provides lots of festive activities and the gathering of loved ones. Making the most of this holiday is easy- with so many fun projects that include getting a bit crafty and adventurous, you can’t go wrong with participating in this exciting tradition. There are no age limits on the enjoyment of Easter. Whether you have lots of family to celebrate with or keep it more low-key, participating in the positive joy Easter creates is for everyone and anyone. Here are some fun ways to celebrate Easter and make the most of your holiday with your friends and family.

Have An Easter Egg Hunt

This one is a classic- with endless possibilities, throwing an egg hunt is one of the fan favorites. You can host an easter egg hunt with minimal effort or go all out for something the whole family will remember. In addition to the traditional take on candy in an egg, you can turn it into a scavenger hunt where hints are left for family members to follow. You can even go as far as doing it in a public place and make it an unforgettable event for the whole family. Whether you go big or you simply leave chocolate eggs around the yard, Easter egg hunts are the perfect way to kick off Easter morning. 

Decorate Easter Eggs

Time to get in touch with your crafty side! Dipping eggs is something many families look forward to each year. Get those hard boiled eggs ready for decorating and create some masterpieces to show off on Easter. You can opt for simple dip kits with classic colors or go for something more intricate like metallic or tie dye. You can simply paint the eggs free hand or draw on them as well for a more personalized look. This is a great activity for all ages and will get you in the mood for this fun holiday.

Host a Brunch

Hosting is the perfect way to gather friends and family. What better motivation for celebrating a holiday than getting together for a delicious brunch? Prepare your favorite dishes and get the house decorated for Easter. From floral arrangements to table settings, hosting an Easter brunch is sure to be an unforgettable event for all. 

Easter Baskets

If you’ve got kids, grandkids or nieces and nephews in your life, have some fun making an Easter basket. No matter what age, kids and teens (and even adults) will all adore and appreciate the thoughtfulness and time that went into their Easter basket. Plus it’s fun to shop around, scoping out items that you know will brighten their whole day. No kids in your life? No problem- make a basket for your significant other, friend, mother, etc. The list goes on. Bringing a basket to someone is sure to make everyone's Easter day special!

Get Creative in the Kitchen

We all know that Easter involves lots of candy and treats but for those who enjoy baking and getting creative with their desserts, the options are unlimited! From chocolate bunnies to Easter themed cakes and cupcakes, you can really get into the Easter spirit by making fun treats that you will love sharing and celebrating on the holiday. Gather the whole family or make it a solo activity- either way, you are going to love adding your artistic creativity into this holiday all while reaping the benefits- yummy treats to eat on Easter! 

Have an Easter Movie Night

Believe it or not, there is a decent compendium of movies revolving around this fun holiday. It’s time to sit back and enjoy some films with your loved ones. Gather the Easter treats and get ready for family hit, Rise of the Guardians, or go back to the classics with Fred Astaire’s, Easter Parade. When you’ve finished all your Easter prep, you can wind down with these traditional Easter movies and keep it low key.

Plant A Garden

What better way to celebrate the start of Spring than to plant a garden? Gather for Easter with friends or family and make it a yearly tradition to plant some new flowers and greenery of your choice. You will love this outdoor project- it allows you to get fresh air, plant new life and enjoy the company of those you love. 

These are just a few fun ideas for things to do to celebrate Easter. There are so many more out there, but these will definitely help get you into the holiday spirit. Get creative, gather with friends and see what fun activity you can enjoy together this Easter. Until next time!