The Waterfall Way: Becoming the Gentle Observer

Today I’ll be sharing an easy and quick visualization technique designed to assist you in finding clarity and peace. I call this technique the ‘Waterfall Way.’ This simple technique teaches us how to step into the role of gentle observer for ourselves and our experience. This can be particularly beneficial when we are dealing with overwhelming thoughts and/or feelings. This technique can be practiced anytime anywhere to take you back to the present moment, quiet your mind, and ground you in a feeling of centered calmness. 

The idea of this technique is to imagine your overwhelming thoughts or feelings as a rushing waterfall. When you are in the midst of overwhelm, you are unable to see these thoughts clearly, and it can be difficult to untangle or understand your feelings. This is the essence of standing inside the waterfall. When you are standing under the waterfall, the rush of water is all encompassing- just like the seemingly never ending rush of feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Standing inside the waterfall is loud, chaotic, and intense. It is only when we step out of the flow of water that we can begin to see the entire picture from a more peaceful place. 

Stepping out of the waterfall is when we step into the role of observer. When we step out from beneath the flow of water, we are able to observe its flow, without having to be immersed in it. This is what we strive for when we practice observing our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. We allow ourselves to become the observer- to step out of the waterfall- so that we can see what thoughts are arising without attaching to them, and so that we can acknowledge the feelings that are present within us, without becoming slaves to them. 

Stepping into the role of observer means stepping into our power to self regulate and come back to our centers. 

Stepping out of the waterfall is our chance to pause, breathe deep, and come home to ourselves. 

As you practice placing yourself in the role of observer, try pairing this visualization technique with the following affirmation: 

I can allow myself to just breathe 

And to observe my thoughts and feelings 

I am not my thoughts 

I am not my feelings 

I am the observer 

I can observe with love and peace in my heart 

And trust that it is okay for me to quiet my mind

All is well 

I can allow myself to just breathe