Embracing Gratitude

Breathe in and embrace the joy of life force energy filling you up and giving you consciousness. Breathe out and luxuriate in the sense of surrender that comes with letting go. 
Each moment in life offers us a gift, and gratitude is the key to claiming this joyful bounty. 
In our busy lives, gratitude can often get lost in the hustle and bustle of accomplishing, pursuing, and yearning for more. When is enough, enough? The truth is, without gratitude, we will always feel the need for more. We will never feel like we are or that we have enough, there will always be something seemingly greater to pursue and lay claim to. 
Choosing gratitude is choosing abundance and joy in the present moment. It is so important that we do not wait until we have achieved or received a specific desire in order to be happy. Our external world will never deliver true, deep, long lasting joy. That can only come from within. That true joy will overflow from our inner being when we give ourselves permission to be happy now, and the key to realizing joy in the present moment is rooted in gratitude. 
So, how can we become more grateful?
Well, start by looking at your life and see that you already have so much. See that you have come so far on your life journey, and notice the love that surrounds you- expressed through community, relationships, family, and passions. Each meal, each smile from a loved one, is a reason to celebrate the fruitful bounty of this life.  
Try out these gratitude inspiring journal prompts to put you in the flow of thankfulness and see that you are enough, you have enough, and you do enough. 
  1. Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for today (the small things absolutely count!)
  2. Where in your life do you feel an overflow of love, support, and/or connection? Write about what it means to have this in your life. 
  3. Take a moment to check in with your thoughts: see where you are leading a narrative of lack and need, how can you rewrite this story and shift this narrative to gratitude and growth?
There is so much to be thankful for in each beautiful moment. Open up your eyes to the good that surrounds you and know that you are absolutely worthy of experiencing the best life has to offer. 
Go forth with gratitude.