How Can I Begin Showing Up for Myself?

Beautiful Tribe, there are so many ways that we can show ourselves love, support and compassion.

At the end of the day, it will never be someone else’s responsibility to make us feel worthy, seen, and cared for. That responsibility lies fully within ourselves. For so long we have outsourced our worth and only felt nourished when receiving external validation through acts such as proving ourselves, over productivity, and overgiving in order to be valued.

Our society was created this way in order to promote this style of thinking and being in an attempt to keep us detached from our true inner power. When we reconnect with and reclaim that inner power, we see that our worth and ability to be loved does not, and never will, come from an outside source.

We never have to prove that we deserve to be nourished and loved. Instead, this is our birthright, and by stepping into this reclamation of truth, we begin to forge a new path. This path is rooted in sovereignty, deep soul love, and of not settling for less than we know we deserve.

The best part is, that you already have everything you need to begin loving yourself right now. The truth is that we hold so much power regarding our own wellness in the palms of our hands. Relationships, communities, and situations may come and go in life, but your loyalty and willingness to be there for and love yourself is everlasting. 

Today we will go through some simple ideas and activities that you can start using immediately to cultivate a powerful sense of love within yourself, for yourself. 

  1. Slow down and check in. Genuinely create the space in your daily life to sit with yourself and ask “what do I need to feel nourished and honored today?” Journaling whatever follows will lead to greater clarity and a feeling of self support that you can call on whenever you need. Don’t wait for someone to come and fill your cup. Do it for yourself in simple and sweet ways. What your inner self seeks, bring to them with love and grace.
  1. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Start with one thought, one moment, one breath. How have your thoughts and self-talk been lately? Are you quick to criticize yourself or self-degrade when you make a mistake? Let’s put a stop to that because I know you are worth more. Choose one positive affirmation that can be your anchor to positivity and kindness this week and post it places where you will see it consistently throughout your day. This can be as simple as “I deserve love” or “I am gentle with myself.” When a negative or intrusive thought comes up, do your best to remain detached and simply notice it, say to yourself “intrusive thought, I see you and recognize you as a thought that no longer supports me. At this moment I choose to love myself beyond this thought/ feeling. I am worthy of feeling good.” Be brave, you've got this! 
  1. Invite joy and fun into your daily life! Do your best not to get lost in the story that grown up life is all serious and no fun. This certainly can be the truth for those who choose to identify with that narrative, but you have the choice to engage in something far greater. Remember what brought you a feeling of unbridled joy and fulfillment when you were a child and fearlessly allow yourself to take part in those activities now. Color a picture, play an instrument, dance alone or with others, sing, play outside, and above all, allow your inner child to play! Watch how your life becomes all the more colorful. Most importantly, have fun without needing to be good at anything you do. You do not need ANY skills in your desired area of artistic creation or simple expression in order for it to be a valuable use of your time and energy.

Put fear aside and say YES to joy now. You are so loved, and so infinitely worthy.