Connecting to Spring: Journal Prompts & Self Care

Welcome to Spring! This beautiful season heralds the end of winter, and the slow transition into Summer. Spring brings her own unique medicine and messages to guide and support us. Spring invokes a time of Rebirth, of new growth, of creativity and heartfelt expression. 

As we move into a new season, it can be a powerful act of self care to check in with our own internal season- and how this change is being met from within. One of my favorite ways to do this with ourselves is through journaling. Journaling helps us peel back the layers of thought, fear, and illusion so that we can create the space for clarity to emerge and lovingly guide us forward. 

Today, I will be sharing a few of my favorite Spring-time journal prompts designed to connect you to the medicine of the Season as you explore these themes of Renewal in your own life. 

Spring Journal Prompts: 

What am I ready to let go of that is no longer serving my growth and expansion?

How am I being called to show up during this time of "rebirth"? What changes do I wish to call in?

When I allow my creative heart the freedom to express- what do I wish to create?

3 ideas for Self Care this Spring:

  1. Spring Cleaning. Create space for renewal and rebirth by decluttering and reorganizing one area of your home or space. 
  2. Get creative. Express your creativity in whatever way sets your soul on fire. Express your feelings, dreams, and ideas as they are deeply supported during this season. 
  3. Set intentions. Spring is a transitional season that reminds us we have the power to cultivate positive change anytime we feel ready for it. Just like butterflies- we too can completely transform. Set an intention for one positive change you’d like to call in and begin taking small steps towards embodying your desired change each day.