Rewriting the Stories that keep us small

Is the glass half full, or half empty?
What you tell yourself matters, and how you perceive your world powerfully affects the experiences you will have. When we see the glass as half full, our perspective symbolizes a narrative of gratitude, appreciation, and positivity. This positive narrative will most likely show up in other areas of our life. When we see the glass as half empty, we may be stuck in a mindset or storyline of lack, limitation, and negative thinking. This too, will most likely carry over to other
Of course, the glass is simply a metaphor for life and the circumstances presented to us. We all face different challenges and situations that shape how we view the world and ourselves. Your thoughts and the words you speak weave together to form the tapestry of your life. A story where you are the main character, and you have the power to choose your perspective each day. What is important is that we give ourselves the space to become courageous observers of the way we think, speak, and feel about ourselves and our journeys.
From this space of introspection and non-judgment, we can begin to gain acceptance and awareness for any negative stories that we may be stuck telling ourselves and we can then introduce a new, positive belief. Positive affirmations are key to supporting us on this journey of change. We can shift our narrative by implementing new and supportive thoughts into our daily self-talk. We can choose thoughts and beliefs that uplift and celebrate us such as “I am capable, Everything is working out for me, and I am enough where I am right now.”
Throughout our lives, we undergo challenges, struggles, and traumas; all of these things can remain with us, causing a lack of self esteem, and a guarded heart. We do not choose to experience struggle and hardship, but we must accept this as part of being human, and see that we have the power to rise up and decide who we want to be and how we want to feel in each present moment. We cannot control the world around us, but we can control our perspective. We can always choose love over lack, and courage over fear. So much of your life is still
Lead from your heart, know that you are worthy, and begin telling yourself a new story today.