Embracing the Joy of a New Day

The dawning of a new day brings a magical moment. It is a special and tender transitional chapter where night becomes morning, and all becomes illuminated in the light of newness. Stars fall away to be replaced by golden sun beams, and the shadows of dusk give way to violet clouds and a gleaming blue sky. 

The dawning of a new day reminds us that it is never too late to begin again. We can decide to start over and create transformation anytime we feel the call for it. We can choose now to experience a rebirth in any area of our lives that we’d like to. 

The seed of this rebirth rests within our breath. Anytime we are ready to create change outside of ourselves, that is a clear indicator that it is time to first turn inward, towards our higher selves and inner wisdom. 

The path to these sacred parts of ourselves is found in the journey of our breathing. When we just allow ourselves to slow down and breathe, we create the internal space for new ideas, internal awarenesses, and intuitive guidance to blossom forth. The fastest route towards clarity comes from taking the space to quiet our ever busy monkey minds by the practice of just breathing. 

It is true that we spend all day breathing, though we often do this mindlessly and from a distracted or stressed headspace. In order to rise up towards your full inner power and be able to hear and truly connect with your inner wisdom, we must consciously connect to our breath and step back from the constant flow of thoughts and feelings always moving through us. 

Breathing consciously takes practice, but the rewards that follow are infinite. By carving out just 5 minutes a day to simply sit with ourselves and approach all of who we are and what we are currently going through from a place of love and acceptance will drastically change our lives. You will see that you are the key to your own joy, and that the answer to feeling truly and wholeheartedly supported, uplifted, and cared for was within you all along. 

Now is the moment where we must allow the sun to rise on a new chapter for us. A chapter where breath is the unbreakable thread of peace woven through all of our daily life experiences. It is about always coming back to you. Let go of the judgment, know that imperfection is something to celebrate and your mistakes hold value. Come back to yourself, to each breath you take, and see that you are always connected to a space of infinite love and power. Everything starts with our breath. 

Slow down, love hard, and just breathe.