Releasing Control and Surrendering to Flow

There are so many aspects of life that we have no control over. This feeling of not being able to control our external environment can be incredibly scary and even paralyzing for some. It is so important to ask ourselves how we can begin to accept the uncontrollable and allow ourselves to step into the flow of life. 

Part of the beauty of life is the divine mystery woven through each moment and experience. If we had the knowledge and control over how our life story would play out, there wouldn't be much room for growth or magic. 

So where does this false need to control everything stem from? 

Often, this may be born from trauma. When we experience trauma, our fight or flight response is activated, and without proper healing, this can dominate our lives and how we operate in the world- therefore, leaving us feeling incredibly unsafe in the face of the unknown. The desire to control is a defense mechanism designed to keep us safe and prepared for any possible danger. 

The first step to healing this is recognizing our desire to control things, even things that we know we have no control over. We must then accept that there will always be things that we cannot control, and begin to find healing in changing the things that we can. 

While much of life will always be unknown to us, we have the power to create positive change and allow healing to take place within ourselves so that we can surrender to the mystery and flow with life. 

Healing the need to control means tending to our nervous systems and regulating them back to a place of safety and relative detachment from unknown outcomes.

There are many ways to do this such as yoga, meditation, therapy, affirmations, and more! Because there are so many options for healing it is important to find what resonates with you. 

Today, I’d like to help you begin the journey towards releasing control and stepping into the flow of life with these empowering affirmations:

I surrender to the mystery and magic of life 

I release the need to control the things I cannot, and I choose to change what I can 

I release the need for perfectionism 

It is safe for me to let go of control 

I allow myself to go with the flow of life today 

I am open to the mystery and magic of my life

I can release the idea of control and still be safe 

I trust and surrender 

Write these affirmations down so that they are there to support you in moments of need. Know that healing is a journey, and not a destination, so be patient and gentle with yourself. 

Have courage and begin to embrace the joy and opportunity that the unknown holds for us. 

Step into the magic, and surrender to the flow. 

You are so loved.