Opening to Love: Heart Chakra

Our hearts are our compass in life. To listen to your heart is to be connected with your soul and with the infinite love that lives within you. 

Our Heart Chakra is the energetic center related to love, compassion, forgiveness, and trust. When this energy center is balanced and flowing, we will experience a profound sense of connectivity and oneness with the entire universe. We will also be able to love and honor ourselves and others. 

Sometimes, our Heart Chakras become unbalanced or blocked due to trauma, and pains from the past. When this happens, we build energetic walls around our  hearts that can keep us from accepting and experiencing love. This is why it is so important to regularly check in with this chakra and to offer it nourishment in the form of love, and acceptance. 

One of the best ways to restore balance to our chakras is through the use of positive affirmations. 

Below are a few of the most powerful Heart Chakra Affirmations that you can repeat and use anytime you feel disconnected from this vital energy center. 

I am loved 

I am lovable 

I love myself 

I am connected to all others, and all others are connected to me

I forgive myself, and others. I allow love back into my heart

I am healing, in my own time, and I trust in this process

I am worthy of experiencing love in all its forms

I listen to my heart, and follow it’s guidance 

I know my worth, and I honor my value

Repeat these affirmations anytime you need to reconnect to a sense of love. These words will help to heal you and raise your vibration, nourishing your heart center and restoring balance to your being. 

For more Heart Chakra healing, try these Heart Chakra journal prompts:

-What are 3 simple ways I can show myself love and care today?

-What does it mean for me to have an open heart? Where in my life can I open my heart to more love?

-Describe a moment where you felt deeply loved and accepted / or a moment where you loved and accepted someone else.

-What parts of myself am I learning to accept and embrace?

-What is something I am still healing from? How can I bring more love into this process of healing?

Open your beautiful and worthy heart and trust in the process of this healing. 

You are so loved, forever and always. This is the eternal truth.