New Year Resolutions

We have arrived at the end of the year 2022, and that means that our social media and news feeds have already begun promoting the idea of a ‘new year and new you.’ The New Year brings up many emotions around how far we have come, and offers us the clear chance for a big new beginning, however, it is important that we don’t allow the coming of the new year to cause us to feel like we are not enough, and that we need to change many things about ourselves and our lives in order to be successful, happy, and abundant. While the new Year does offer us the chance to make desired changes, I want to remind you that you have the power to begin again at any time. 

As you approach the New Year, it can be helpful to sit down with yourself and truly reflect on the year that has passed. Ask yourself, “what aspects of my lifestyle brought me the most joy and peace?” “What parts of my lifestyle caused me to feel drained and unfulfilled?” “What is one small way I can begin to create positive change in my life?”

As you reflect on and dive deeper into these topics, trust the insight you recieve. Based on what you have learned about yourself, you can decide whether or not you are ready and willing to implement some positive changes into your life as the new year arrives. 

Most importantly, focus on creating change for you, not anyone else. Create change because you are ready to love yourself deeper, and because you are ready to grow and evolve. Don’t change yourself just because the rest of the world is doing their new year’s resolutions, and don’t change just because corporations and companies are urging you to “be better.” Any change you choose to pursue must come from within you, and when the desire for change is born from your open and devoted heart, you can be sure that these changes will lead to profound transformation. 

Happy New Year!