New Year Refresh and Rejuvenate Yoga Sequence

It is only natural that as the New Year rolls in, we seek a feeling of rejuvenation. Over the last twelve months, we have grown, shown courage, and done our best. Now, as this year ends and another begins, it is time to reflect, slow down, and nurture ourselves for all we have accomplished. One of my favorite ways to care for myself is with the healing practice of Yoga. 

Today, I want to share with you a short 10 minute yoga sequence that is designed to leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready for 2023! 


New Year Refresh Yoga Sequence 

-Start standing tall in your Mountain Pose, with your feet hip width apart, shoulders down, and hands at your heart center. Take a moment to honor the strength found in this moment of stillness, and connect to the feeling of your feet rooting into the earth. When you are ready, sweep the arms up over head, and bend at the knees coming into a forward fold. Feel free to grab opposite elbows and gently sway side to side to further release the low back. You can also play by taking turns bending and straightening each knee. Enjoy this moment of deep release and hold your forward fold for 20 seconds to 1 minute. 

-Releasing your forward fold, place your hands down on the floor and step both feet to the back of the mat. Lift the hips up and back- you are now in Downward Facing Dog. Reach your heart towards the tops of your thighs and walk out the feet if you like. This is another pose where we are physically changing our perspective, tap into the feeling of this here and use this energy to shift your perspective towards positive change for the new year. Hold Down Dog anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. 

-From your down dog, lower your knees down to the mat coming into Tabletop position (wrists under shoulders, knees under hips), from here we will come into Child’s Pose. Open the knees about as wide as the mat, bring your big toes to touch, push your hips back to your heels and walk the hands forward, melting your heart to the mat. Relax and hold this rejuvenating pose anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes. 

-Release your child's pose and come into a seated position with the legs extended out straight in front of you. Sit up tall as you breathe in, and on your exhale fold your torso over the legs. Feel free to bend the knees as needed, and do your rest to relax the head and the neck. Rest in your Seated Forward Fold anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. 

-Release the fold and lay on your back, hug both knees into the chest, and then drop both knees to either the right or left side. Extend the opposite arm and breathe deeply into your Supine Twist. Hold for at least 30 seconds and up to 3-5 minutes. When you’re ready, switch to the opposite side. 

-Let go of the twist and lie flat on your mat in final Savasana for a few minutes, focusing on your breathing and enjoying this last moment of peace and rest. 

Enjoy the feeling of refreshment and rejuvenation from your practice, and return to this simple sequence anytime!