Midday Boost


Regardless of how your day has started, we all come to a point in the afternoon where we could use a dose of positivity and vitality.  

Some may reach for another cup of coffee, or simply ignore these feelings and power through. Today, I want to share with you 3 healthy ways to beat the midday blues and reconnect to a sense of peace, joy, and vitality. 

-Schedule a midday meditation. This is one of my favorite ways to feel quickly rested, refreshed, and re-energized. If you are a Vibes Tribe member, check out one of our guided meditations in the Course portals, or head to Youtube where there are hundreds of free guided meditations that can support you. Whether you have five minutes or an hour, give this tip a try and watch how it truly transforms your day. Soon, you’ll be looking forward to this treasured break dedicated to breath! 

-Take lunch outside, or just go for a walk. Of course, this one depends on the weather and where you live. However, even a walk in a (light) rainstorm can be lovely and refreshing. Just make sure you dress accordingly! Most importantly, this tip is all about getting you outside and away from your all-day work space. Change your surroundings to shift your mindset and relish in a moment of open sky, birdsong, and breezy trees. This midday outdoor boost is sure to give you the healthy lift you need to succeed in the rest of your day. 

-Let your body move! When we move our bodies, we move energy. Throughout our work day, especially if we are mainly stagnant, we may feel the need to get our energy flowing again so that we can feel mentally clear, and physically supported. So let yourself move in a way that feels good to you! This can be a 10 minute stretch session at your desk, or even standing. This tip is all about finding what works for you- so if you need a 5 minute dance break, or to simply shake it off- go for it! Your body and mind will thank you after, and you are certain to feel more awake and alive then before! 

You have the power to live a positive and healthy life, so even if you are reaching for that second (or third) cup of coffee by the time noon hits, pair it with one of these simple practices to truly feel that midday nourishment. You deserve to feel good morning, noon, and night- so embrace these tips and enjoy the journey!